Cocoart Fair trade policy:

Cocoart is based in Brighton (UK). It aims to support indigenous tribes in Brazil by helping them to sell their crafts over the internet. We buy our products directly from Brazilian indians; some of them we know for over 20 years. During this period we enjoyed a mutually fruitful relationship.The natives enjoy our presence and we exchange gifts and information. We aim to increase our sales so that we can deliver more money to these populations, which we admire very much. These are very friendly people. A video, produced by cocoart, portraying their lifestyle and showing where some of the natural materials comes from can be seen here. In addition to money, we have been providing them with notebooks (for the children), pencils, flip-flops and other basic items that are common in the industrialized world but difficult for them to obtain.

We have produced a video portaying the lives of members of this indigenous tribe, who shows where they collect the seeds used to make jewellery.

Cocoart Organic:

We promote the use of natural jewelry, made of seeds, pods, nuts and other natural materials for avoiding industrialized products, like plastics and metals. The harvest of seeds for jewellery purposes is sustainable and the natives have been learning how to plant the seeds they need in order to perpetuate and increase their seeds output. The production is totally organic as most of the plants have grown naturally. Furthermore, we have been supporting the planting of the species that provide the seeds needed to make the jewelllery. The wood work (for cutlery and hair sticks) is made ona small scale and using trees that are found dead in the forest. Quality wood can be employed in crafts many years after a tree has finished its life.

These populations haven't got access to chemical fertilizers or pesticides. In fact, they don't need this stuff as they live in a very privileged area which is free from most pests.

Furthermore, we believe people gain a lot of energy by having seeds next to their bodies, as these are the ultimate source of life in the planet.

Cocoart friends are more than welcome to visit our site in Brazil, were we plant most of the materials we use. Those include coconut dende, coconut pati, coconut piacava, woods and various types of seeds. Furthermore, various exotic tropical fruits are grown, such as mangaba, papaya, cupuacu, "ordinary"coconut (for water and fruit), pineapples, aloe vera, etc.... Piacava coconuts are grown inside the jungle and we produced a video showing our concern and action towards the preservation of this particular species of tree (http://sci-culture.com/ecobrazil/piacava.html) .

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