Vegetable ivory : the eco-friendly alternative to ivory.    

Tagua nuts: shown with their natural brown skin



Vegetable Ivory is a name used for the Tagua nut in the South American rain forest. When dried out, it can be carved as an ivory replica. Its use stimulates the economies in South America, provides an alternative to cutting down rain forest for farming and prevents elephants from being killed for their tusks.

You can read more about the vegetable ivory palm in here (link to Wikipedia).


Vegetable ivory necklace

This necklace displays 3 large Tagua nuts. The little white beads are also made of the Tagua nut. The string is elastic.

Price: £15


Vegetable ivory bracelets ( more below) .

It can be seen that some of the brown skin of the Tagua nut is left in some of the bracelets. In the case of the necklace, the skin kas been completely removed.


Natural vegetable ivory bracelets

Price: £6



The Tagua nut is very porous and that enables it to absorb dyes. For this reason, there has been a tradition of producing vegetable ivory handcrafts employing a variety of dyes. On the right there are some dyed vegetable ivory bracelets.


Dyed vegetable ivory bracelets

Price: £6

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