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Hair sticks made with brown and black woods

Present textures which include lighter
tones, which are typical of old coconut trees

Size: 20 cm

Price: £ 2.50 / each

(or US$ 4)


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Hair sticks with a little coconut dende on the top

Available in brown or black wood (the same woods shown above, but with the little coconut attached).

Their sizes are about 19-20 cm long.

Price: £ 3 / each

(or US$ 4.80)


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Hair sticks made with red wood.


Price: £ 3 / each (US$4.80)
















Double Hair Stick, made with red wood

Price: £ 5 / each (US$8)

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Value hair sticks - Made with recycled wood

There are 2 natural wood colours for those.

Price: £ 1.00 / each

(US$ 1.60)


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Carved hair sticks

Made using high quality woods, which are white, red (rosewood) and black (ebano).

They are approximately 16 cm long (the line spacing in these images is 0.7 cm). The double models (2 and 3) are only 13 cm long.

Price: £ 5.00 / each

(US$ 8.00)

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